Ann Liden

I just wanted to tell you that I just visited my kids in the States, and for the first time I think in my life, I did not have the feeling of wondering if I was welcome. And I think that is from your NLP. K.S. Vancouver

Just wanted to let you know that everything went so well from yesterday, I came in and I really am the ‘new self’ that I envisioned. School went phenomenally, I did the school idol thing and all the teachers, including the Head of the Music Department, and the Dean of the Fine Arts Faculty had nothing but good things to say. They were so impressed with the unique sound of my voice……I came home juiced ready to do my homework. Just wanted to say thank you very much, what we did yesterday just worked so phenomenally well. G.H. New Westminster

I just wanted to tell you now grounded I am and what a shift in energy there has been for me. And I just can’t thank you enough! A.W. Delta

Richard is raving about his time with you! I‘m not at all surprised. What is so amazing is that you ‘nailed’ what we already knew. I guess that continues to surprise me. L.C. Vancouver

THANK YOU! I have much less pain today. D. C. Coquitlam

Good morning, Ann! What a pleasure it was to meet with you yesterday. I got a lot of really useful information and this morning, I had an epiphany, although I should have realized it before. I have been drinking these organic sparkling waters from Santa Cruz because they are so delicious and because I don't drink pop, I thought once in awhile, it would be ok to have one of these bad boys. Well, I've been buying them a little too often and guess what the first ingredient is besides aqua? CANE SUGAR!!! No wonder my bladder is irritated! You are a genius. I shouldn't be drinking them, anyway. K.M. Vancouver

I want to thank you for your generous time today and for sharing your healing gifts and wisdom – you were incredibly gracious and kind and I really appreciated the session – once, I got home and relaxed – I realized there had been a profound shift – I felt lighter at your studio but it only deepened when I got home. You have created a magical healing environment and the colours, furniture and energy are all very conducive to a safe and healing coccoon – where your clients can immediately feel at ease and of course, your energy is a key component in the whole formula. You have a lot of different tools that you have now brought together and as a recipient of all your wisdom and courses – I am very appreciative. What came up for me “inner child” work is deep and you did not say, let’s work on something lighter – which would have been totally appropriate for a complementary session but you rolled up your sleeves and worked very diligently to follow through and I am so very appreciative. I also appreciated learning more of your background – you bring a diverse cornucopia of skills to the healing table and each and every client will be blessed and benefit from same – thank you for allowing me that privilege. In Deep Appreciation & Gratitude P.M. Vancouver

What a wonderful balance you gave me yesterday! I felt so light and at peace. You really are a natural, and your grace and beauty certainly comes through your energy. J.G. Burnaby

“Ann is good”, also said “I need more”. Y.S. Richmond

I used to be a field kockey player until I got injuries to my knees some thirty years ago. Four operations later I was condemned to walking with sticks and the occasional visit to the wheel chair. Last January I visited the HOBN meeting at the Sylvia Hotel. Ann Liden introduced herself as someone who could help you get rid of physical blockades (my words). So I made an appointment. In two sessions she taught me to deal with my future in a different way. Knees are for the forward movement, towards the future, she said. Might well be that you will have less trouble with your knees now. So here I am to testify to the fact that I haven't needed a walking stick since and definitely have no need for wheelchairs anymore. And whenever I feel the pain in my knees, I change the way I see the future the way Ann told me and the pain simply vanishes. So, thank you Ann, for the quality of my life has improved enormously thanks to you. And if anyone of you HOBN people has some physical blockades, consider going to Ann. I can highly recommend it.
Bart Kok, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.