Ann Liden

Ann Liden's Services:

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Session Fees:
Applied Kinesiology:
1st session - $120 (2 hours - Consultation and Treatment Session)
Subsequent sessions - $100 (1 1/2 hours)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Session (NLP)
1 session - $200 (Duration - 2 hours)

Please ask for specific discount packages.

In one intensive 1½ hour session, Ann checks your energy flow along all meridians, chakras and identifies blockages that may be causing your problems. You'll receive information of your body's unique energy status and a summary of balances that may be beneficial.

Ann uses Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program (LEAP), a program developed by Dr. Charles Krebs, to perform a systematic investigation into neurological structures affected by stress and trauma that underlie most learning disabilities. LEAP helps students of all ages and with all types of learning difficulties reach their academic potential.

None of us live in a bubble. We are influenced by all sorts of environmental stressors like electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and computers, toxins, chemicals, vaccinations, and allergens. Ann tests your body to identify your sensitivity and provide a correction and support to reduce or eliminate your reactivity.

Ann uses NLP and hypnotherapy, to create the most powerful toolbox for change to clear troubling emotions and release limiting beliefs that are holding you back. This program also incorporates Specialized Kinesiology to create a revolutionary holistic approach that offers deep and lasting relief from a wide range of emotional, mental, neurological and physical dysfunctions. If you have become frustrated with the limitations of talk therapies, this program may be for you. You do not have to experience the trauma again or talk about it to clear it for good. Works very well for getting rid of phobias.

Ann designed this program to offer multiple techniques to help your body heal. Testing your body through muscle monitoring, she pinpoints the technique your body needs to heal itself. This program is useful for reducing chronic pain and emotional issues such as depression. This program also addresses fatigue, hormonal imbalances and food issues.

All of this healing work is gentle and non-invasive and is calibrated to the individual. Some of the healing techniques used include:

- Bach, Australian, Desert flower essences
- Hands-on energy healing
- Color and light therapy
- Sound therapy, using tuning forks
- Emotional Freedom Technique
- Reflexology and acupressure
- Formatting

Specialized Kinesiology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming are cutting edge therapies designed to pinpoint health issues and restore balance to the body, mind and spirit.

Specialized Kinesiology:

For centuries, the Chinese have understood that we are more than muscle, organs and bones. We are energy. Specialized Kinesiology is a newer discipline that identifies and corrects imbalances in our vital energy flow.

Ann Liden uses this powerful therapy to determine how energy is flowing in your body-mind. Blockages in your meridians, the pathways along which energy flows, can affect your moods, your sleep, your performance and your health.

Ann tests for physical, mental, emotional and environmental imbalances by gently monitoring your muscle reactions. A craving, a negative emotion, or belief can block the flow of this subtle energy -- your life force -- along your meridians. Environmental factors such as toxins can also impact energy flow.

Once the blockage is identified, Ann uses muscle testing to determine what your body needs to release it. For example, a woman with eczema may find she needs to remove red dye from her diet for relief. A student with learning disability may need integration exercises to focus his mind. A stressed out executive may need to use Emotional Freedom technique to reclaim his composure.

Each corrective balance is unique; each balance is based on what your body tells Ann it needs to heal.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP):

Most people feel that something is holding them back from achieving their full potential. Often we are our own worst enemies. We procrastinate. We over-react. We have trouble focusing. Why? Because the negative experiences we have all had and unconscious patterns of thinking that we have all learned influence our actions, often much more than our conscious thought.

Ann Liden uses NLP to enlist the unconscious mind and access the creative parts of the brain where learning and lasting change take place. NLP works quickly to let you change or eliminate behaviors that are not serving you well and replace them new behaviors that let you achieve your goals. NLP clears the emotional hot buttons and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from the success you deserve.